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Japan, "Hitachi "
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Steel Features:
  HPM1 is the cutting of high hardness of the pre-hard steel, the use of dissolution characteristics and has good machinability, the most used mode for long.
      * Because it is pre-hardened steel without heat treatment (37-41HRC)
      * When is the best cut of at 40HRC
      * High ground can be difficult to a pinhole, good gloss
      * large model also has the hardness and the degree of homogeneity within and outside the loss

Chemical Composition:
              Patent pending

Delivery Status: Pre-hardened to 37-41HRC

● Purpose:
      Precision plastic mold steel
      * commonly used resin products
      * appliance parts, automotive parts
      * commodity or a lot of hygiene products
      * Precision rubber mold
      * High strength mold plate and clamping


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